Flowers on demand or scheduled as a subscription

I peruse Product Hunt on a fairly regular basis and look for products, services, and cool stuff I would never know about otherwise. I liked the simple concept of a site that was put together to solicit feedback from users about a startup they’d really like to see. Check out  to see what they have built.

I have a ton of ideas, most of which I lack the time and financing to actually pursue and so I love the idea of throwing it out into the cosmos and hoping someone else likes it enough to do it well.

Here was something I truthfully wish existed and then I will give some use cases of how I believe this service would/should work.

After this I was immediately notified of two companies that provide a service said to do something like this. is a flower service though I didn’t see anything about the service that allowed for me to pay monthly and then send flowers on dates in the future if my account was in good standing. Seems like I just placed an order and they mailed flowers to the recipient. Still not what I was looking for but a good service nonetheless. If you’d like $10 off, feel free to use my coupon code, ryant75b04

The second service I was told about was I had very high hopes for the service but it seems to be more of the same, select flowers, select size, select recipient, send flowers, rinse and repeat.

Both have since tweeted that they can help me accomplish my goals but if I couldn’t do it myself, doesn’t that kind of defeat the purpose?

I am sure all of these services are great and do a great job of improving on an antiquated model, but I want more. I want a service that uses the things I use to organize my life to help me organize something I know nothing about. Flowers. I know that my wife, daughters, mom, and family members enjoy them but I don’t necessarily care what flowers they receive as long as they are something they would like. As a matter of fact, ask me some interview questions about what types of flowers they like and let me set those preferences too. Anything that resembles beauty being sent would make me a hero and the receiver super happy.

I have two calendars that I maintain for my personal life. My iCloud calendar and my Google calendar. Here is what I would like to happen. Allow me to connect via API to these calendars and then display any major holidays, as well as, anything noted as “birthday”. Show all of the results grouped together by month and then let me choose which events and special occasions will require flowers. During months where nothing needs to be sent, allow me to select default “just because” recipients  for those months and then you surprise them for me.

Guess what? I also maintain contacts in those two places too. Let me share my contacts so I don’t have to know their address particulars before I order. Ask me to verify it’s the right address when I select the person and then roll with it from your side.

Take my money! Charge me $50 a month and send flowers once a month to the persons configured in the steps above. Offer me a discount on the 2nd (3rd, 4th, 5th) order per month where multiple orders need to be placed. Another option I think would be awesome? Allow me to skip slow months and float the balance for those months where additional flowers are needed.

Basically, I am asking for ShoeDazzle but for Florists. No flowers this month? Let me choose a default person or let me skip and double down in a future month. Seriously, why is this not thing? Would florists love this service to offset their slow times?

Leave your comments below if you believe this is something that dudes would use and appreciate!


Apple Watch for Dad.

I plan to write a review but so far I am digging the live baseball updates, notifications for everything, and specifically the alarm. Hairy arms are just part of the deal since I took the pictures. Deal with it. floating browser Helium for Mac

I just tweeted the following to the Helium App team. They make a floating browser window for OS X that works with Netflix, Hulu, etc. Check them out here. didn’t work so I wanted to figure out a way.

Continue reading floating browser Helium for Mac

Becoming a student athlete and starting as a freshmen

205649_1640755067958_5114636_nWhen Hailey was 2 years old, she would come to Hannah’s (older sister) tee-ball practices with her glove and bat and try her best to participate. She wanted to know when it was her turn to bat. She wanted me or her mom to throw. She wanted a ball or bat in her hands when she was out on the field. Continue reading Becoming a student athlete and starting as a freshmen

Running Dashing on a Mac

I am running Yosemite on my Macbook Pro and I have been running a Ubuntu VM in order to display my Dashing dashboard. on Mac OSX Yosemite

The VM causes my CPU and fan to go crazy so I would prefer to just use the thin client and run it directly from my Mac.

You can install it on your own Mac by doing the following, copy and paste the following in the terminal. You might have to make sure that you have xcode command line tools are installed on your Mac first.

sudo xcode-select --install

Once the install is finished for XCode, open Xcode from Applications and accept the licensing agreement. You should be able to install Dashing with no problem

sudo gem install bundler
sudo gem install dashing

Change directory to the place you want to create your new dashboard and it’s files.


The next part will get you started with a cookie cutter install of Dashing.

dashing new dashboard
cd dashboard

bundle install
bundle update

dashing start

You can then access it via localhost. So http://localhost:3030/

I had a couple of issues when attempting to get my gems installed. I had to run the following commands to getting it working.

bundle pack
bundle install --path vendor/cache

If you would like to install additional widgets hit this page and enjoy.

Intuit in Woodland Hills and Movember 2014

Working for Intuit has been such a positive experience that I can say without a doubt, I love my job. So far the Intuit Network has raised $30,000 dollars for the Movember cause and the company has been more than supportive as well. Here are some pictures from our latest event.


Here is a tweet from our CEO Brad Smith showing his support the cause as well!

Widgets for iOS 8 are simple. Of course!

I converted from the iPhone to the Samsung Galaxy S3 and now back to the iPhone. I am a phone whore. I need help.

There are things that I really liked about the Android platform that iOS didn’t offer. One of those things was widgets. If you have iOS 8, you can now have widgets Continue reading Widgets for iOS 8 are simple. Of course!

Adding your web site to a tab in Facebook fan page.

Add a page tab to existing site on FacebookI was wondering how I would embed my website forms in to Facebook so that people who found our page wouldn’t have to leave it to either add a team or find a team.

It took me a little bit of research and a lot of trial and error and afterwards I felt silly for taking so long to do it.

I thought this would be a great place to document the process for all of the things I didn’t understand when I was reading through step by steps. First, Read through this blog post. 

Step 1:

Visit Continue reading Adding your web site to a tab in Facebook fan page.