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Amazon Fire TV replaced my AppleTV and Entertainment PC

I have been a big supporter of the AppleTV but since the latest versions are incredibly hard to jailbreak I started looking for different options. I was hanging on to my original version AppleTV for this reason only. Now that a better option exists, and even for this Apple fanboy, the AppleTV is no more.

You can now purchase the Amazon Fire TV online and once this little thing shows up on your doorstep the setup is dead simple.

If you can follow instructions then you will be running XBMC on your Amazon Fire TV in about 10 minutes. Seriously.

The XBMC wiki has step by step instructions for allowing you to replace that unbreakable AppleTV with the smoking fast Amazon TV with voice control.

XBMC running on Amazon Fire TV

XBMC running on Amazon Fire TV

As you can see it works well.


Florida Water

Aromatic Ammonia SpiritsAmmonia spirits, water, ice, washcloths, are all it takes to make the summer heat tolerable while playing sports. Here’s a recipe I found online some time ago and managed to save.

Keeping cool is just part of the problem so make sure you bring plenty of water to drink too. Keep the two coolers separate though ;)

Ingredients for ammonia water and use:

2oz. bottle of “Spirits of Ammonia” (local drugstore)
Actually it’s Aromatic Ammonia Spirit U.S.P.
This time of the year, it’s scarce.
3 bottles make 4 gallons
1 gal. plastic bucket (some use a playmate type cooler).
About 4-7 washcloths.

Fill bucket 1/2 full of ice, pour 3/4 bottle of “spirits of ammonia” into bucket for each gallon, fill the rest of bucket with water and mix. Place washcloths into bucket and stir around a couple of times. When player comes off field and into dugout area, pick up washcloth, wring out excess and wipe down arms, face (DON’T suck on washcloth), neck (front and back), shoulders, chest, etc. It really is effective while held on back of neck, especially “catchers” and “pitchers”. And please don’t inhale to a great degree, only mildly. Do this between innings. Next day, team will be begging for it.

Florida Water in California Cooler

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Small websites are not securing your information SSL is secured using SSL. That means all of our customer’s information when sent to our site is encrypted and is safe from browser to server. We don’t charge anything to use our site. We don’t store any credit card information. We only have a login that allows you to save searches, enter/change team information, etc.

Why did we secure our traffic? Our customers needed us to. Not everyone uses a different username and password for every site and we think that information should be private regardless.

HeyBucket is not secure. Be careful what you share over the internetThere are many of our friends in the youth sports industry allowing you to enter your username and password but not using any type of security. Be mindful before you start entering that username and password, phone number, or other personal information.


Please be careful what you share in forums or online directories.



Fitbit, SiriusXM, and My Fitness Pal are technology for the unmotivated

Dodgers on SiriusXM MobileAzul, my significant other, has been extremely motivated to drop some poundage. In 3 months, I have watched her get up every morning and head to the gym. She also started a shake diet which I had no interest in doing because…. I love food. However, 3 months later, she has dropped 25 pounds and I could not be happier for her.

We have lost significant weight before by simply changing our diet. We would say things like “I have lost 50 pounds and I am never going back to being a fat ass again”. It doesn’t happen suddenly, it occurs over time. You start having a couple of beers when you eat out. You eat the bread when it comes to the table. You decide that cake, brownies, and cookies are OK as long as you don’t have too much. Before you know it you are looking in the mirror at your former self. Continue reading


What is AllTeamz? About us by Ryan Taylor

AllTeamz is where teams find players and players find was created because we as parents were having trouble finding teams for our own kids to play on. Every player starts somewhere. My kids started in Little League and city basketball. In the city we lived in there was 3 recreational softball leagues and 3 basketball teams. How was I supposed to know which one fit the philosophy we expected as parents? Where did we go next after recreation ball options had been exhausted? Finding information was outdated or worse, non-existent.

Some people see a problem and hope that someone figures out a solution. We saw a problem and developed a solution. A FREE solution. AllTeamz was then born.

With us, teams and leagues can build profiles. Profiles are like the Info page on Facebook. All of the stuff parents want to know about a team is listed on the site. Your team is immediately available and searchable in your geographical location after completing the Profile Builder. Within 2 days your team profile is available through Google search and the general public will find your team/league from there.

We built because as parents we needed it. As coaches, we wished we had it too. We solved the problem for all teams.

Build your profile today and find the next 50 kids for your league. The next Lebron James for your AAU basketball team. The next Clayton Kershaw for your baseball team. The next Crystl Bustos for your softball team. They might just be looking for you right now.


Want to hear about my idea for a new TV show? Hey ESPN!

roberto-clementeI have the TV on regardless whether I am watching it or not. I have shows that I DVR and none that I can say are can’t miss viewing. Most of my shows have jumped the shark and so I watch out of habit, not because they are interesting anymore.

Because of this I have thought about a show that I would love to watch. Here is my idea.

Imagine Back to the Future meets a Roberto Clemente documentary. What would have happened if Roberto Clemente did not get in that plane? What would his stats have projected to be? What good would have come to the world? Based on trends for players stats of his age and like stats project out for a complete career. His personal life? What relationships did he have that would have made him a major player in the politics of his local country? Build a story around what life for us as baseball fans, humanitarians, and people would be like had Clemente lived a full life.

The stories of tragedy in sports are endless and full of emotion and motivation. Thurman Munson, Daryl Kile (come on I am consciously streaming here), Marshall football, Oklahoma State basketball, Roy Hobbs ;), the 72′ Olympics, Hank Gathers, Len Bias, and so many more stories.

Sports help me deal with my daily life with the lessons I have learned. Imagine what these people could have brought to our lives or others. Would you watch it? Comment on the site and share this story on Facebook or Twitter so maybe I get the chance to pitch it?

0….. The Final Stretch

A friend of mine and I bootstrapped our own Internet Startup recently,, to solve some of the problems parents have when finding a team for their kids.

Check us out on

Check us out on

We are in the process of putting the final touches on our application. It seems funny to call it an application since it’s a website…….. but accurate. We are going to make sure that our location services are everything you as a user and team would expect them to be. Location is the driving force behind the results you see as a customer. Once we feel it’s the best it can be, will be released to the people who need it most. Continue reading